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About Maxwell Worthington

Maxwell Worthington LLC. was founded in 2011 by a team of partners to bring a new and innovative concept in computer software platforms to market. Our current focus is communication and collaboration servers. The flagship product is a scalable turnkey platform based on modular components. It is designed to meet the needs and expectations of a wide range of business and organizations both small and large.

The founders of Maxwell Worthington recognized the difficulties of installing, configuring and managing email servers in corporate and organizational environments.  Technological advances and freely available consumer services are changing workers expectations of communication tools.  These changes out-pace the abilities of IT departments to deliver features to workforces that are competitive to personal accounts from advertising sponsored services provided by companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

In today's environment workers are allowed, and in some cases required, to connect personal devices to organizational resources over a myriad of public networks.  The proliferation of mobile devices and “Walled Garden” services from companies like Apple, Amazon and RIM has further compounded the difficulties of technical staff to be able to provide an equal level of service and support to their entire user base.  

There are few products on the market today that balance the needs of workers, managers and support staff.  There are even fewer products that are operating system and device agnostic.  This forces huge investments from organizations to purchase and deploy homogeneous technology.  The alternative may be that common access for their entire workforce is not possible.  Maxwell Worthington seeks to change the current landscape by providing feature rich and easily deployable server systems based on universally accepted open standards.  This approach is the most flexible means to offer a level playing field to all members of an organization. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Maxwell Worthington is to be a market leader with game changing technology that easily integrates logically-connected business applications to greatly improve workforce production.


We value durable and reliable products that scale and grow with companies, users, and developers. We value technology that enables IT departments to add value to organizations by maximizing human usefulness. We want customers and staff to invest in our company for the long term.

Goals and Objectives

Hosting and administration of basic software on a server is something that can be demystified for both IT personnel and corporate leadership. The Goal of Maxwell Worthington is to help companies transition to the the cloud utilizing the Max Worth Platform to build better enterprises and organizations.

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