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Expanding Communication provides enterprise-class contact management for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Maxwell Worthington uses best-in-breed open-source software (BBOSS) and middleware to provide shared and synchronized address books and contacts for your productivity platform.

Create Address Books and Contacts

Use Expanding Communication to create unlimited address books to store contacts and create mailing lists.  Existing contacts can be imported using vCard or LDIF formats.

Share Address Books and Contacts

Share address books with individuals, teams and across an entire company or organization.  Managers can decide who should have access to sensitive company directories such as client lists.  Access can be finely tuned to control adding, reading, editing and erasing contacts. 

Synchronize Address Books and Contacts

Access your contacts wherever you are.  Expanding Communication includes middleware for synchronizing contacts and address books among computers, mobile devices and the SOGo groupware interface.  CardDAV and SyncML protocols synchronize contacts and address books to computers and mobile devices.  Synchronize with MS Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, iOS, Android, Blackberry and more.  Expanding Communication is ideal to add to your existing platform or to expand your platform with bring-your-own-device integrations (BYOD).

Address Books and Contacts on Various Computers

SOGo Groupware on WindowsXP
Address Book App on Mac OSX
Mozilla Thunderbird on Linux

Mobile Device Address Books

iOS (iphone,iPod,iPad)
Windows Phone

Additional screen images for address books and contacts on computers and mobile devices.

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