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Expanding Communication provides video conferencing through an Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) server for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Maxwell Worthington uses best-in-breed open-source software (BBOSS) to provide video conferencing services for your productivity platform.

Access and Compatibility

Expanding Communication is a standards compliant solution that offers access to video conferencing through the Jingle protocol.  Jingle is an add-on for an Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) server that enables peer-to-peer media sessions between two chat sessions.

Using any Jingle enabled client, Expanding Communication allows users to instantly meet face-to-face with team members, clients and colleagues.  Video conferencing is perfect for meeting with people across long distances without wasteful travel time and expenses.

Many instant messenger clients that support XMPP and Jingle are available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry and more.  The high compatibility of Expanding Communication makes it ideal to add to your existing platform or to expand your platform with bring-your-own-device integrations (BYOD).

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