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Expanding Communication Hosted Edition is the fastest and easiest way to provide enterprise-class email, groupware and instant-messaging service to your business or organization.  Maxwell Worthington will provide your business or organization access to fully configured servers for your communication needs.

Hosted Edition Overview

Expanding Communication Hosted Edition is an easy and affordable way to power your productivity platform with enterprise-class communication services.

Choose Your Own Domain Name

Maxwell Worthington will provide your business or organization a unique domain name for your communication service.  You may register for a new domain name or transfer your existing domain name and Maxwell Worthington will manage it for you.  You may also register your domain name with any other service provider.  No matter where you register your domain name, Maxwell Worthington can provide free DNS hosting with every package.

Choose the Number of Users

Packages start with five users accounts.  Add more users when you start your package or at any time.  New users will be added to your next invoice.  Email aliases are free.  You may create as many as you like.  Aliases are extra email addresses for users.  They are useful for creating addresses such as info, sales, support, etc.

Choose the Amount of Storage

Each user account includes two gigabytes of shared storage for your domain.  If you plan to migrate email to Expanding Communication you may need additional storage.  There is no limit on the amount of storage for your domain.  Invoices will reflect the actual amount of storage used.

Choose Your Security Plan

Each domain may use Expanding Communication's 256-bit security certificate at no additional cost.  You may choose to purchase a dedicated security certificate for your domain.  Security certificates are valid for one year and will be invoiced annually.

Expanding Communication Solutions and Features

Expanding Communication include these communication solutions and features:

  • SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols
  • IMAP Idle and ActiveSync (Push email)
  • Integrated Virus and Spam Filters
  • Server-side Email Filters/Rules
  • Auto Responders/Out-of-office Messages
  • Shared Address Books and Contacts
  • Shared Calendars and Task Lists
  • Free-Busy Schedules
  • Automatic Event Reminders
  • Rich AJAX Webmail Client
  • One-on-one and Group Chat
  • Audio/Video Chat
  • Person-to-person File Transfers
  • Desktop Screen Sharing
  • Full-featured and Web Based Clients

Additional Features of the Hosted Edition:

  • Web Based Administration
  • Online and Phone Support
  • Domain Name Registration
  • DNS Name Server Hosting
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Daily Backups

Benefits of Hosted Edition

Expanding Communication Hosted Edition is an on-demand solution for enterprise-class email, groupware and instant-messaging.  Scale your service to fit your needs.  No equipment to setup and maintain.

On-Demand Communication Solutions

Provide communication services for your users and domains on-demand.  Setup new users and services in minutes.  Access Expanding Communication on your mobile devices and computers, or instantly access core features in any web browser.  A perfect solution to increase your professional appearance and improve communication among staff and business partners.

Easily Scale Domains, Users and Storage for Your Package

Start your package with one domain, 5 user accounts and 10 gigabytes of storage.  Easily add domains and users in a simple to use web-based interface.  Our storage program is unique.  You decide how much data to keep.  There are no limits on storage.  Storage fees are based on actual usage.

No Servers to Setup and Manage

Start using Expanding Communication Hosted Edition by adding users and configuring your computers and mobile devices.  Our expert staff will provide you a fully configured server hosted in Maxwell Worthington's private data center.  Anti-virus definitions and spam blacklists are updated several times a day.  All hardware maintenance and software updates are performed as needed.

Privacy and Security

Maxwell Worthington values your privacy.  Your data belongs to you.  Your communications will not be searched to build consumer profiles or target marketing.

Maxwell Worthington provides multiple encryption options for your communications.  Encrypt all traffic between your users and our data center using 256-bit security certificates.  Every domain hosted by Maxwell Worthington may use a shared certificate for free.  Or you may purchase a dedicated certificate exclusively for your domain.

Signup for Expanding Communication Hosted Edition Today

Start using Expanding Communication Hosted Edition in your productivity platform today.  Please use our online order form to customize your package and place your order.  Or call (504) 656-6001 to speak to a knowledgeable service representitive.

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