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Expanding Communication Server Edition is an enterprise-class collaboration, email and messaging system.  The Server Edition provides all of the features and benefits of Expanding Communication Hosted edition.  This edition is available for businesses and organizations wanting to operate their own communication server.

Expanding Communication Server Edition Overview

Expanding Communication Software

Expanding Communication is as set of modular components for Linux servers.  Included is everything needed to install and manage enterprise-class email and instant messaging services for your business or organization.  The Server Edition of Expanding Communication is available as a CD-ROM or Virtual Appliance.  The installation and configuration process has been streamlined and perfected by Maxwell Worthington.  A typical installation takes about one hour to produce a properly configured communication server.

Expanding Communication Design

The Expanding Communication platform is modular by design, allowing maximum flexibility in deployment.  The installation process allows companies to design a platform to meet particular availability requirements, usage patterns and organizational needs.  The Expanding Communication interface is aware of configuration details and cluster architecture.  This allows the cluster and servers to be managed in one interface.

Expanding Communication Updates

Software updates and security fixes are available from Maxwell Worthington and upstream providers.  The server is preconfigured to receive updates on demand.  Important security notifications are sent to registered users when fixes become available.

Expanding Communication Solutions and Features

Expanding Communication include these communication solutions and features:

  • SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols
  • IMAP Idle and ActiveSync (Push email)
  • Integrated Virus and Spam Filters
  • Server-side Email Filters/Rules
  • Auto Responders/Out-of-office Messages
  • Shared Address Books and Contacts
  • Shared Calendars and Task Lists
  • Free-Busy Schedules
  • Automatic Event Reminders
  • Rich AJAX Webmail Client
  • One-on-one and Group Chat
  • Audio/Video Chat
  • Person-to-person File Transfers
  • Desktop Screen Sharing
  • Full-featured and Web Based Clients

Benefits of Server Edition

Easy Installation and Configuration

Expanding Communication gives you the ability to install and configure a full featured communication server in under and hour.  Expanding Communication is shipped with Expanding OS, a minimalist linux distribution designed for fast deployment.  The system comes with an installation wizard to guide you through the setup process.  There are no extra expensive operating systems to pre-install ensuring that your total cost of ownership remains low.

You can begin your deployment by installing Expanding OS on your phyiscial or virtual machine.  In just a few minutes you can easily configure all component server software using wizards which will guide you through the setup process.  The wizards help set up host names, security certificates, passwords, databases, and more.  Just need to answer a few brief questions for the wizard after which setup process will run unattended.

Stay Updated

Software updates and security fixes are available from Maxwell Worthington and upstream providers.  The Expanding Communication server is preconfigured to receive updates on demand.  Important security notifications are sent to registered users when security updates are available.


Expanding Communication is fully customizable for your needs because the software is designed with easilly modifiable templates.  There are no restrictions on modificiation of any of the open source packages included in our distribution. 

Try Expanding Communication Server Edition Today

Get a free 30 day trail of Expanding Communication Server Edition.  Please complete our online survey and receive a download link by email.  Or call (504) 656-6001 to speak to a knowledgeable service representitive.

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