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Maxwell Worthington provides an array of services for the Expanding Communication line of products and the best-in-breed open-source software (BBOSS) contained within each product.  Maxwell Worthington provides expert product support for all Expanding Communication product editions.

Maxwell Worthington created Expanding Communication to simplify using and maintaining communication servers.  But due to the wide array of computers, software and devices which make up today's business platforms, some assistance may be required to maximize benefits for your company.

Product Support Plans

Expanding Communication product support is available for users and IT staff.  The following describes what these plans cover and their differences.

User Support

This plan provides direct support to users, managers and IT staff who have basic questions such as how to configure email and IM clients on computers and mobile devices.  Every effort will be made to resolve problems quickly.  Customers who purchase User Support packages may request remote assistance.  With permission Maxwell Worthington support staff will remote control computers to configure services and inspect configurations.

IT Support

This plan only provides support to IT professionals, system administrators and designated staff who assist users and managers as part of their regular duties.  Every effort will be made to resolve problems quickly.  Support staff will attempt to resolve problems by assisting customer staff in troubleshooting issues and by directing them to solutions.  Maxwell Worthington staff will not directly configure devices or computers.

Requesting Product Support

Expanding Communication support can be requested by telephone, online and email.

Telephone Support

Maxwell Worthington support staff is available by calling (504) 656-6001 between the hours of 9am and 6pm eastern time.  24/7 emergency support is available outside of regular hours, additional rates apply.

Online Support Center

The Expanding Communication support center is a convenient place to access basic support for your deployment.  The support center includes a growing online knowledge base of how-to articles and videos.  Customers can also use the community forum to post questions and get answers from other community members and support professionals.

Email Support

Request support anytime by emailing  All email support requests will receive a ticket number and can be tracked in the support center.  The support center also provides a web-based form which can be used to send a support request and open a trouble-ticket.

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