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Maxwell Worthington provides an array of services for the Expanding Communication line of products and the best-in-breed open-source software (BBOSS) contained within each product.  Maxwell Worthington provides expert training programs for all Expanding Communication product editions.

Expanding Communication training programs consist of curriculums for team members, administrative staff and information technology workers.

Team Member Training Programs

Maxwell Worthington provides training courses for team members to maximize the functionality of Expanding Communication.  These courses are designed to make team members aware of the abilities of the system and to learn how to use its features.

Team members will learn how to organize and access communications on computers and mobile devices.  How to share information among team members and departments.  And how to use real-time communication tools and features of enterprise instant messaging.  The curriculum for team members includes the following courses:

Beyond the Inbox - How to make the most of mail folders.

Groupware For Teams and Organizations - Using shared calendars and address books, task management and free-busy schedules.

Enterprise Instant Messaging - Real-time communication with chat, voice chat and video conferencing.

Administrative Training Programs

Maxwell Worthington provides training courses for administrative staff to learn how to effectively manage Expanding Communication.  These courses are designed to provide working knowledge of how to manage users and services of the system.  

These courses are intended for individuals who provide administrative support within businesses and organizations such as Human Resources workers, mangers and in-house technical staff.  The curriculum for administrators includes the following courses:

Expanding Communication Administration - Managing users, groups, domains and services.

Groupware Administration - Controlling access and configuring corporate address books and calenders.

Enterprise Instant Messaging Administration - Creating teams and multi-user chat rooms.

IT Training Programs

Maxwell Worthington provides training courses for information technology workers to learn how to correctly deploy Expanding Communication for a business or organization.  These courses are designed to help configure computers, mobile devices and other office equipment for use with the Expanding Communication system.

These courses are more technical in nature and are intended for workers who have experience with installing computer hardware and software.  The curriculum for IT workers includes the following courses:

Deployment Basics - Configuring computers and mobile devices with Expanding Communication.

Communication Backups and Archives – Best practices for protecting data and satisfying compliance requirements.

Thinking Outside the Inbox - Integrating Expanding Communication with office equipment.

Train-The-Trainer Program

Maxwell Worthington can create custom training programs which can be integrated into current training provided by your business or organization.  Course materials and training is provided to trainers who may develop internal training procedures for your operation.  Please contact a sales representative for more information on this program.

Self-Service Training Program

Maxwell Worthington provides a free self-service training program which may be used in conjunction with any of the above courses.  This training program uses how-to articles and videos contained in an online knowledge base.  These materials are available to all Expanding Communication users.  Access to the knowledge base is restricted to registered users.  Users will be asked for an email address and password to login.

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