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Expanding Communication is an enterprise-class email, groupware and instant messaging system for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Expanding Communication works on your computers, mobile devices and through any web browser.  Expanding Communication gives organizations an easy to deploy and easy to manage communication system.

Power Your Business Platform with Premium Communication Solutions

Add value to your productivity platform with multiple ways to communicate to your associates and customers.

The core of Expanding Communication is a rock-solid email server.  Best-in-breed open source software provides SMTP, POP3 and IMAP email with integrated virus and spam filters.  Connect from any computer or mobile device.  Features include unlimited mail folders, custom mail filters and auto-responders for out-of-office/vacation replies.

Expanding Communication provides groupware for contacts, calendars and task lists.  Create an unlimited number of calendars and address books for personal use or for sharing with co-workers.  Control access to shared information with easy to manage permissions.  Free-busy schedules and automatic event reminders are also included.

Sometimes email is not the best way to communicate an idea or discuss a problem.  Expanding Communication provides chat, screen sharing, file transfers and audio/video conferencing.  Your business can enhance presentations, solve IT problems and meet person-to-person with a secure and private service.

Harness the Power of Your Business Computers and Mobile Devices

Your devices power your business platform.  Access and synchronize your data in the office or on the go.

Expanding Communication is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix. Works with Thunderbird, MacMail, Outlook and other POP3 and IMAP mail clients. Synchronize calendars, task lists and contacts with CardDAV, CalDAV and SyncML plugins. Use any instant messenger client that supports XMPP and Jingle such as Jitsi, Pidgin, Gajim and many others.

Use Expanding Communication on your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. Works with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more. Access email using native clients through POP3, IMAP, and ActiveSync protocols. Synchronize calendars and contacts with CardDAV, CalDAV, and SyncML plugins. Chat using any XMPP client for your device. Expanding Communication is an ideal solution for Bring your own device (BYOD) deployments.

Access Expanding Communication in any web browser using Scalable Open Groupware (SOGo) and Jappix. SOGo is a full featured webmail, address book and calendaring solution.  It uses AJAX to provide the look an feel of a desktop application. Jappix is a web based chat solution with social networking features.  Jappix supports one-on-one and multi-user chats.

Quickly Integrate Communication Solutions Into Your Business Platform

One username and password provides your users access to every service.

Easy Configuration on Your Computers and Devices

Most clients and devices require only a user name and password to configure services. Auto-configuration tools for Thunderbird and iOS devices are available for download. More configurations will be added soon.

Take Control of Users and Services on Your Platform

Expanding Communication provides easy to use tools for set-up and management of all services. Restrict or allow access to services with granular controls. Start, stop and pause user accounts in seconds. Users can update their own passwords, create out-of-office/vacation messages and define custom email filters.

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