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Expanding Communication provides an Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) server for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Maxwell Worthington uses best-in-breed open-source software (BBOSS) to provide real-time communication for your productivity platform.

Features of Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM)

Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) is a powerful real-time communication tool.  EIM is efficient, productive and gives your business and edge over competitors.  EIM is private, unlike chat from social networking services.

Text Based Chat

Jappix Chat on Windows XP

EMI lets users chat with co-workers, clients and colleagues.  EIM helps teams quickly solve problems, route resources and answer customer questions.  Long email discussions over small issues can be eliminated.  Expanding Communication supports person-to-person chats and group chats.

Audio/Video Chat

Video chat session on Linux

Expanding Communication supports multi-media features including audio and video chat.  Video chat allows users to instantly meet face-to-face with team members, clients and colleagues.  EIM helps companies improve collaboration and reduce long-distance calling and travel expenses.

Screen Sharing

EIM users can share their computer screens with team members, clients and colleagues to visually enhance communication.  Screen sharing is ideal for planning sessions, brain storming, trainings, presentations and remote technical support.

File Transfers

Expanding Communication allows users to transfer files to team members, clients and colleagues during chat sessions.  Transferring documents while chatting is more than an alternative to emailing attachments.  Files are confidentially sent person-to-person.  This is an ideal solution for sending sensitive information.

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