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Expanding Communication envisions and designs solutions specifically to integrate immediately with existing infrastructure across the enterprise. Maxwell Worthington uses best-in-breed open-source software utilizing standard protocols to deliver standards compliant solutions supporting a broad range of computers, operating systems and full-featured applications. 

Communication Solutions for Desktops and Laptops

Expanding Communication is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix.

Email on Thunderbird in Windows XP

Microsoft Windows

Expanding Communication enterprise email, groupware and instant messaging services are accessible on all versions of Microsoft Windows.  Use any IMAP enabled mail client such as Outlook or the cross-platform mail client Thunderbird.  Synchronize groupware calendars, task lists and contacts with CardDAV, CalDAV and SyncML plugins.  Use any instant messenger that supports XMPP and Jingle on Windows such as such as Pidgin, Gajim or Jitsi.

Calendar in iCal on Mac OSX

Macintosh OSX

Users of Macintosh desktop and laptop computers can access email and groupware services through pre-installed applications such as MacMail, AddressBook and iCal.  Third-party apps such as Entourage and the cross-platform mail client Thunderbird may also be used.  Calendars, address books and contacts are synchronized using the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols.  Use any instant messenger that supports XMPP and Jingle on MacOSX such as such as Pidgin, Gajim or Jitsi.

Chat in Jitsi on Bodhi Linux

Linux and Unix

The Linux and Unix operating systems are moving out of data centers and server rooms and are used by many working professionals.  Expanding Communication fully supports Linux and Unix leveling the playing field of office productivity.  There are many clients to support for IMAP, CardDAV, CardDAV and XMPP with Jingle support.  Expanding Communication has been extensively tested with Thunderbird and Jitsi.

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