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Expanding Communication combines enterprise-class email and groupware servers to provide a powerful communication and collaboration solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Maxwell Worthington uses best-in-breed open-source software (BBOSS) to share and synchronize contacts, calendars and task lists for your productivity platform.

Features of Scalable Open Groupware (SOGo)

Scalable Open Groupware (SOGo) is a set of organization and collaboration tools for users and groups to store, share and synchronize their address books, contacts, calendars and task lists.  SOGo is also a fully-featured webmail client that works in any web browser.

Contact entry for Leonardo da Vinci
SOGo address book in Chrome on Linux

Address Books and Contacts

SOGo allows users to create an unlimited number of address books to store and organize contacts.  Contacts can be imported directly into SOGo using vCard and LDIF formats.  Address books may be exported as LDIF files.  Users can share their address books with managers, co-workers, or with their entire business or organization.

Monthly calendar view
SOGo calendar in Firefox on Windows

Calendars and Task Lists

Users can create an unlimited number of calenders in SOGo to organize events and tasks.  Calenders can be imported and exported using the iCal format.  Calendars and tasks can be shared to help groups stay organized and work more effectively.  Free-busy schedules help avoid scheduling conflicts by showing times and dates when co-workers are available without disclosing their agendas.

Compose a reply to an email in a pop-up window.
SOGo webmail in Safari on Mac OSX

Powerful Webmail

SOGo is one of the most powerful and fully-featured webmail clients available.  Its rich AJAX interface has the same look and feel as a desktop application.  Use SOGo to read and write emails, create server-side message filters, setup auto-responders for out-of-office/vacation replies and automatically forward emails while retaining copies.

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